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If you are in need of a steel frame, Britmet have you covered. Britmet offer a complete steel frame building solution. Our lightweight steel frames are the perfect answer for any build. Their durability and strength is one of the main reasons we offer this complete build system.


Britmet Tileforms steel frame systems are able to allow for a cost efficient, sustainable durable and safe build that won’t have a problem with corrosion, decay or pests. Its structural integrity results in it staying upright, straight and safe.

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Our steel frame systems are cost effective and quick to build, each steel frame is accurately manufactured and planned to fit perfectly together with no cutting required. They are environmentally friendly due to the steel framing lasting longer, it is also light, easy to transport and there is no location waste. Our steel frame systems are safe due to the fact they are well grounded and resistant in regards to natural decay; steel is one building material that will never divide, distort, rotate or rot. Due to steels resistance to fire, corrosion and pests it means that our frames don’t need to be treated with preservatives, glues or pesticides making it safer and easier for those handling these materials and those living or working around them.


Once the steel frame for the roof is complete, you can choose from any of our tile effect sheets or panel systems to give your building that complete authentic and traditional look.

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